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luni, 27 decembrie 2010

S is for style.

This is an individualist style ,a creepy one , but I really like it.
I think it's called style when you take some simple clothes and match them with cute and expressive accessories and the final result is something original.
Because that's what we haven't : ORIGINALITY .

Think about it ....... you can be original , or.... in some towns , you are considered just weird .
But who cares? I mean , you know you are different and being different is good . Being like the others - this is bad. Choose the good side :)

° JusT ClaudiA °

miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

Hair - Stylist

Last summer, my hair looks this way ! I loved it and now I just miss this style of my hair ....
I think I will do some changes ... but still don't know when .

Kiss you allz,
By Minnie and Clau.

sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

Taylor Momsen - new idole

TayloR MomseN , Where did I heard about she? Of course, the first time was in Gossip Girl .

Then I discovered that she was singing in a grunge band for a while [The Pretty Reckless ], so I listened a few songs The pretty reckless and I must say that they are really good and her voice is amazing .

My favourite songs :

The pretty reckless - Make me wanna die

The Pretty Reckless - Zombie

listen also : Miss Nothing and Going down
Beautiful songs.

I searched some pic with Taylor, too.

I just love her style :x

joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Firenze - orasul renasterii

Firenze , orasul unde a aparut curentul renascentist , pe timp de noapte .

Books and coffee

Vreti sa cititi ceva pentru noi , fetele ? Atunci sa incepem cu Fetele bune ajung in rai, fetele rele ajung unde vor . :D
Si o cafea desigur sau 3 in 1 :x sau poate un capuccino .....
Alte idei in ceea ce priveste cartile ?:( eu chiar sunt in pana de idei .... nu stiu ce sa mai citesc .

marți, 6 aprilie 2010