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sâmbătă, 31 decembrie 2011

New year, new expectations.

hEllo, 2012!
This is a new year and I have already start it not so well. Anyway, you know life's too shirt to worry about shit. And you know how it's is the best way to say fuck you to reallity , music is art :) I listened these 2 gorgeous songs , I hope you like it 'cause the 2 artists are classy as fuck . I love them : Adelle and Duffy .

Hey, I'm too young to feel so old .... Best wishes for 2012 ! Hugs .

Duffy - Breaking my own heart

Adelle - Set fire to the rain

duminică, 18 decembrie 2011

Relax, take control, breathe .

Good morning, sunshine !
I woke up in this morning and I saw that today must be a beautiful day, the sun it's all over. I quickly made my coffee and now I'm enjoying it. :) I wanna show you some gorgeous pics,which I have in my "photos collection" for a long,long time. They really inspire me, create the impression of the good girl, with bad habits.
But that's all life means, right? Being a good person, but having also our flaws.

Here's a photo of me, made one of these days :D Aaaaand, I really wanted to show you, girls, two wonderful pieces : a sweater and a pair of boots :D I think they are sooo nice . Don't you think so?

Old Navy sweater

Old Navy sweater (see more long sleeve sweaters)

Betsey Johnson boots

Betsey Johnson boots (see more suede western boots)