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duminică, 18 decembrie 2011

Relax, take control, breathe .

Good morning, sunshine !
I woke up in this morning and I saw that today must be a beautiful day, the sun it's all over. I quickly made my coffee and now I'm enjoying it. :) I wanna show you some gorgeous pics,which I have in my "photos collection" for a long,long time. They really inspire me, create the impression of the good girl, with bad habits.
But that's all life means, right? Being a good person, but having also our flaws.

Here's a photo of me, made one of these days :D Aaaaand, I really wanted to show you, girls, two wonderful pieces : a sweater and a pair of boots :D I think they are sooo nice . Don't you think so?

Old Navy sweater

Old Navy sweater (see more long sleeve sweaters)

Betsey Johnson boots

Betsey Johnson boots (see more suede western boots)

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Fabrizia spunea...

I like you post so much! And these photos are amazing!

Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Fabiana spunea...

beautiful pics!
Take a look and if you like, we can follow each other!

OneRedCherry spunea...

hi love!
love this pics...your photo in particoular!

Fabiana spunea...

Thanks a lot for your comment!I'm following you now!


Alina spunea...

Great post!Love these pics!

MoGio spunea...

Doamne ce semeni cu o prietena din copilarie :) Am si eu un sweater asemanator , doar ca e pe gri . Faci reclama la Schweppes ? :P

just claudia spunea...

Hi hi :D da, fac reclama :))))

MoGio spunea...

Sarbatori Fericite ! si tie gagico :)

Ana spunea...

:))Love it!<3

coco spunea...

dragut ! buna suca...??????

Andreea spunea...

Merry Christmas, my dear!


just claudia spunea...

Multuuuumesc, fetele ! >:d< Sarbatori fericite si voua !

Mitha Komala spunea...

such an inspiring and cool photo! you look gorgeous. and i really love that floral boots, so awesome :D i love your blog <3

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