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joi, 30 iunie 2011


Enjoy the summer and run&get them !

joi, 23 iunie 2011

3 Pieces

jimmy choo zulu clutch
j.crew silk pants

phillip lim soft blazer

Try to match this colors and see the result : pure love !

P.S. I want that Jimmy Choo Clutch :x I love it !!!!

P.S. again : I will never have this clutch :(

sâmbătă, 18 iunie 2011

This summer I vote for hippie / boho-chic !

Hello , ladies !

This summer I think will be nice wear this hippie style ... similiar with taht boho-chic style which was never dead .

And the best way to try this style is visiting the gorgeous site :

Let's see our must -haves for this style :

  • Long gypsy style skirts,

  • vaporous dresses, floral printed outfits,

  • simple t-shirts with indian or etno motive,

  • gladiator sandals, flip flops , platform shoes complete the bohemian style

  • Accesories are so important for this style, so don't neglact them : Hats, vests, bracelets and long necklaces, scarves

  • Don't forget sunglasses, swimwear and handmade bags.

Calypso Summer 2011 /2

Calypso Summer 2011 /2 by Minnie#and clau featuring a string bikini

Calypso Summer 2011

Calypso Summer 2011 by Minnie#and clau featuring cuffed shorts

Calypso for blog

Calypso for blog by Minnie#and clau featuring flora bella hats

Buna , fetele !

Vara asta m-am gandit ca va fii dragut sa purtam ceva in stilul hippie, similar cu boho-chic , un stil care nu a murit niciodata .

Cel mai bun mod de a incerca acest stil e vizitand minunatul site

Sa vedem piesele importante ale acestui stil :

  • Rochii lungi in stilul gipsy

  • Rochii vaporoase, imprimeuri florale

  • Tricouri simple cu motive indiane sau etno

  • Sandale gladiator, flip flops si platforme pentru a completa stilul bohemian

  • Accesoriile sunt foarte importante in acest stil, deci nu le neglijati: palarii, veste , bratari si lantisoare lungi, esarfe

  • Nu uitati ochelarii de soare , costumul de baie si gentuta handmade !

Have a boho-chic summer !

marți, 14 iunie 2011

Trend Report : Nails & Rings

(these were my photos) ( lovely photos )

How do yoy like them?
I go crazy for them.I like these colors.And the rings are fabulous.

sâmbătă, 11 iunie 2011

Rock'n'roll baby - Feel it !

Hy there !

These photos aren't recently made, I have almost forgotten about them . That was one crazy day , friends.

Rock'n'roll baby.

miercuri, 8 iunie 2011

Night Flowers

Good tips for bad girls

Today I have some tips for you .

I just love them , I have been using them for 2,almost 3 years and I 've got never disspaointed.

So , I strongly recomand them and don't forget the price, which is not a big one.

You must try the dual mascara , it's lovely !


Produsele Revlon

Le ador, le folosesc de 2, aproape 3 ani si nu am fost niciodata dezamagita de ele.

Deci , le recomand tuturor si nu uitati pretul , care nu e unul exagerat de mare.

Trebuie neaparat sa incercati rimelul in doua culori de la ei , e super!

These smell really good

And for reading , 'cause reading is sexy :

Awsome book for a girl . That's all for today . Keep calm & read my blog !

sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011

White jeans

How do you wear the white jeans?
As we know, white jeans are a simbol for summer, so they couldn't miss from my wardrobe .My favourite white pants are these from MET , they are so comfy . And I like to wear them with different pieces, but today I tried some navy style.

But there are a lot of other ways to wear it . Something like :

The good girl

The bad intentions

Thanks for reading!

By Just Claudia