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sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011

White jeans

How do you wear the white jeans?
As we know, white jeans are a simbol for summer, so they couldn't miss from my wardrobe .My favourite white pants are these from MET , they are so comfy . And I like to wear them with different pieces, but today I tried some navy style.

But there are a lot of other ways to wear it . Something like :

The good girl

The bad intentions

Thanks for reading!

By Just Claudia

6 comentarii:

Laura Tenshi spunea...

I love the color of your bag and the fabric seems great too.

Ana spunea...

Your blog title is so cool!

Love it :**

Iulia Romana spunea...

Love the outfit + the second outfit that you created is amazing :)

just claudia spunea...

Thank you so much ! :D

Piroscutza spunea...

Imi place la nebunie ghiozdanelul cu tinte!! de unde este?

te pupp

just claudia spunea...

Piroscuta :
Firma e Rebecca Minkoff si probabil ca il gasesti aici: Nu stiu alte detalii :D l-am gasit pe un site si mi s-a parut super dragut.