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duminică, 31 iulie 2011

Goodbye, people! Summer waits for me .

Hello, ladies !


Desigual (clipped to

How do you like this cute skirt? :D I love it !

And here is an outfit... a simple one,'cause sometimes you must keep it simple.After all, simplicity is beauty.

Keep it simple.

Keep it simple. by Minnie#and clau featuring cluster jewelry

Elizabeth and James sheer tee
$135 -

Leather shoes
$175 -

Flap bag
£2,495 -

Lisa Stewart cluster jewelry
$85 -

Summer shawl
$285 -

I Heart Music Sticker - Accessories
$1.50 -

I will no longer post on the blog for a while because tommorow I will leave Romania . I'll go in Italy for the rest of the summer. :D I have already done my luggage . I will show some pics from there soon.

Bye !

marți, 26 iulie 2011

What you call INSANITY, I call INSPIRATION.

Hey, girls ! I'm sorry for my lake of activity, but this was a very long and busy week. And I still have a lot of work to do, even if is holiday.My life is so complicated.... fuck everything.....

Yeah , here are some shoots .

And a song .

See you soon and thanks for reading my blog. Means a lot for me.

vineri, 22 iulie 2011

Metal details!

Metal detalis

I thought to show you my favourite style : the rock'n'roll style...

And I must tell you, girls, this is not all about the clothes , it's about attitude.

Show some attitude girl , be confident and get the "I don't give a fuck" attitude.

A little bit of reckless, be dirty , but not too dirty 'cause you don't have to be vulgar .

Here are some photos, but I am sooo sooorry 'cause I really don't have any ideea where did I get them . But I know they are in my collection for months.

miercuri, 6 iulie 2011

Get the look : Casual city girl

Get the look : Casual city girl

Get the look : Casual city girl by Minnie#and clau featuring lambskin handbags

Today I have some work to do in the city.... I went to pay the bills, I took a coffee with my boyfriend and took some pics :D

I thought at a casual outfit for this walk .

luni, 4 iulie 2011

Sweeties in searching for home !

Hy there !
Sorry girls, but this post is for Romanian readers:
Deci am o surpriza pentru voi. Va amintiti postul acesta: ? Sandalute exact la fel, doar pe o culoare diferita , noi-noute , foarte comode, de vanzare!
Pret: 50 lei :) Nr. 38

vineri, 1 iulie 2011

Style icon : Olsen

I just love their style... All the pics are taken from :