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marți, 31 mai 2011

Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down

Hy , girls ! First ,listen this nice song

Crooked Still- Ain't no grave Here are some pics with me :D Hope you like it .

I wore FreeSoul T-shirt , white sandals and a stripes skirt (no brand , both from Italy )and one of my favourite little bags .

By Just Claudia

joi, 26 mai 2011

Ones in lifetime means there's no second chance.

Girls, today was my last day of hight-school and I have no regrets.
I'm actually happy. I can wait to pass my exams and then will be life :x

Because I am a little sad, I tried to create a pretty outfit to enjoy this day and here are some pics taken this morning , after school.

Listen : Rihanna - Te amo. ( I like this song )


Fetelor, azi a fost ultima mea zi de liceu si nu am niciun regret.

De fapt, chiar ma bucur . Abia astept sa trec bac'ul si apoi voi spune: asta da viata!

Pentru ca am fost un pic cam trista zilele astea, am incercat sa creez o tinuta care sa-mi inveseleasca ziua si aici sunt cateva poze facute in aceasta dimineata , dupa scoala.

miercuri, 25 mai 2011

Electric blue ! New sweeties

What you think about these killers ? :x I just felt in love with them.and actually, they aren't really new, I bought them when I was in Italy ,few months ago . I liked the color.

Kisses by Just Claudia

duminică, 22 mai 2011


Hello , girls ! I wanna show you one of my favourite pieces from my closet.

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duminică, 15 mai 2011

Sunnny days,I'm so happy !

Finnally , there was a sunny day !

And I took some pictures.

miercuri, 11 mai 2011

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place.

Yesteray , I went for a walk with my boyfriend after I have finished a lot of work.... I thought I could enjoy the sun , the warmy day , but I was wrong. In the end of the day , it started to rain. It was actually a storm :)) It was so cold . Fortunately , we took the car and went ddirectly home , where we ate some cookies and drunk tea.

After all, it was a nice day . I took some photos too . Maybe next time, will be more photos.

Kisses .

duminică, 8 mai 2011

Sweeties ( sandals )


Bohemian by Minnie#and clau featuring gucci pants

Omg. I just looooove these Yves Saint Laurent Trybal suede wedge sandals :x :x :x And I think this outfit is just perfect for them .

joi, 5 mai 2011


Style means Chanel . Here are some pics with Chanel in Street ( taken from : ) and some Chanel items which I simply love.

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Hey there !

Do you remember the contest I prepare for you, girl? this one.

Today I show you the 3 candidates choosen by me .

1. Andreea

2. Cristina


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