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vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

Sequin? casual?

 what about this...?

Sequin casual? yes or not ?

joi, 25 septembrie 2014

Lace sneakers: Yes or not ?

Hello , dears
I thought about sport shoes . I'm not really a fan , but I admit, they are really comfortable and if you know how to wear it, they are really fashionable too. Street-style just love these shoes.  

Me..... I just found these lace sneakers   from Stradivarius :) It was love at the first sight ...
(I know, I know, fake Chanel bag... but cute :D )

Here you can find some sport shoes

Have a nice day!

vineri, 12 septembrie 2014

New dog in town

Location : Masivul Straja, Lupeni, Jud. Hunedoara , altitudine: 1868 m.

Red ?!