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sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011

Olsen Twins

Grunge style.... When you say this word, you think about them , the Olsen Twins . I must admit, I rather prefer Mary-Kate than Elizabeth , but both of them are so nice and they always seem like teenagers .

! winter !

Hey you!

I'm so sad..... Winter comes again in my town , everything is frozen , it is really cold and than here is all this white snow which is covering the streets, the trees , the houses .

I like winter , but only for few days . Than I've got bored . And I hate the cold weather .

But I know some of you likes winter, so I have here some amazing pics :

I want to show you one of my favourite accesories , too. I received this cute neckless from my boyfriend , when we were in Florence , last year . I loved him for the first time I saw it + I think the keys are really nice accesories.

Shop cute accesories here :

Thank you for reading ! Have a nice week-end !

joi, 27 ianuarie 2011

Good morning , pearls !

Hy, dear friends !

It's morning .For start a good day , you must drink a good coffee .
Like I always said, music&coffee feed your soul&body in the morning.

Today I present to you one of my favourite "passioned for fashion" girl . Her name is Bianca and I like her style . Here are some pictures of her and maybe, in the future, I will show you more .
P.S She likes pearls . [I'm not such a big fan of them] .

marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

Beauty : unique

Unique = beaing the only one of this kind
= without an equal or equivalent

Diamonds - Armani, Rock 'n Rose - Valentino, Chanel Chance, Givency , YSL, Chanel -Le Vernis
Wanted things.


I take the pictures from
Look these photos of Leighton Meester . I like her make -up . It'r really cool .

vineri, 21 ianuarie 2011

Let's rock this world

You know how it's said : if you really wanna rock, you must have

* a bottle of Jack Daniels

* zippo [ and I find this sweet Hello Kitty zippo , I want it :x ]

* Harley Davidson [ I will never have something like this, but it's nice dreaming ]

DetailS : Ed Hardy Fashion .

No matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down .

°°Just Claudia°°

- I can be anything, but I choose to be me -

Aloha, girls !
I'm "ON" again , starting with this post.
Since I haven't posted much lately, this post will be bigger than usually .

I put here some of my pics.

I love the ring and the neckless which I wear in this photo :D


As always , I suggest a crazy soong, which , by the way , i love it :

Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful dangerous

Fergie looks amazing in this clip.
and thanks God we have youtube.

Let's talk about fashion now :

First of all I wanna to show you my preference this season . It0s all black and really chic. The ideea is to take a nice vest and some black heels, a fur bag and the dirty attitude that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. IT'S SOCIETY THAT'S FUCKED. And this is true :))

A few days ago, I started to make my must haves list and here are 2 wanted pieces : the jeans shirt and this amazing scarf .

This is all for today . Thank you & kisses .
°°Just Claudia°°