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miercuri, 9 februarie 2011

All things stylish - prepare for spring

Hi , rockin' girls.

I am wainting for spring, but in my town it's seems like she never comes.

However, may be at you , girls, spring is already comes, so I prepare this "articles" for you.

Even if this spring it's all about colors and cute accessories , I still like the dark side, you know.....

And I notice :

  1. Tribal neckless
  2. Simple black boots
  3. Big odd ring
  4. Alexander McQueen clutch I wanna rock right now

I wanna rock right now by Minnie#and clau on

And here, I made this set for cute and nice girls. Happiness . [P.S. I just love those blue earrings ]

Some colors for spring

Some colors for spring by Minnie#and clau on

Don't forget to smile.

'Cause " happy girls are the prettiest " - Audrey Hepburn __________________________________________

By Just Claudia.

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