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marți, 5 aprilie 2011

| Editorial 2 | Must haves - bags


I made a list with the bags I consider a must have . I hope you like it.

1. The leather bag - Chanel vs. Miu Miu

2. The pink bag - Hermes
3. The practical bag - Mulberry

4.The clutch - Alexander McQueen

5. The little pretty bag - Chanel

4 comentarii:

OneRedCherry spunea...

Hi Claudia!
thanks for the nice comments!
amazing blog.
I follow U
kisses from Italia ;)

Faridah spunea...

I love these!

SaraLove spunea...

bellissime immagini! adoro queste borse! grazie per i tuoi commenti!

just claudia spunea...

Thanks fpor your comments, girls! :*