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duminică, 4 septembrie 2011

Segnali d'autunno.

I just love this editorial :) Photos taken from :

Fall .x

7 comentarii:

Veronica Popoiacu spunea...

love it !!!!!! inspiratie nemaipomenita !!!!!!!


DreamYourStyle spunea...

stunning editorials...gotta love a perfect photography :)

Laura Tenshi spunea...

So many awesome sweaters in this editorial. I can't wait to wear some of these this autumn.
Lovely girl, lovely pictures.

Catherine spunea...

love this editorial, too! amazing shots in it xx

Comfy spunea...

Foarte frumos!! thanks for posting

mwan spunea...

lovely pics

Poppy spunea...

I love this! The photographs are amazing. They look even better in black and white.