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duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

The cross

I'm sorry for my absence lately...I have been very busy.
I really love the cross like an accesorie.... I think it's gorgeous.
What do you think?

These are Emilio Pucci dresses and some photos with Abbey Lee.
source : studded heart.


Necklace (see more cross chain necklaces)

6 comentarii:

Veronica Popoiacu spunea...

love them too !


OneRedCherry spunea...

i really love the first pic

Ana spunea...

love it!!<3

DreamYourStyle spunea...

i agree darling...they look very chic!

molly c spunea...

It's funny how she started out all hippy chic and is now totally goth girl. . .

Ana spunea...

I like it! It';s statement jewelry :)