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miercuri, 2 mai 2012

Larisa, a polyvore-girl !

Hello, dear friends ! So sorry for my absence...But I'm back!
I have a surprise for you.

I have joined the Polyvore group 2 years ago  and since than I noticed some really talented girls .... one of them is from Romania , a dear  poly-friend and I want you to see how gorgeous, young & talented is she. I present to you :
                                           LARISA - her polyvore page :

Photobucket 1. Tell us a few words about you .
Well, my name is Larisa, i'm 25 years mounth i'll turn 26, i live in Arad, simple city, not so much style but we are a few people that keep the step with the trends and the fashion style :) happy..i'm an accountant and i work at an osterich company.I still live with my parents, but i have in plan to move and have my own place.:)

2.What' s the meaning of the word 'fashion' for you and how are you in the real like ? are you a real fashionista or just a normal girl ?
Ok, let's see..for me fashion it's one of the important things in my life, i consider myself a fashionista and that's the reason why i give fashion pretty much time :)) laughing.I like to compound different style of chlotes, i like to buy things from SH stores, some of them are a treasure for me :D big grin and i looove to be different over the others i meet on the streets!

3.What can you say about your style ?
My style it's more casual, some times vintage, some times depends on my mood and the event..i loove to wear punk/rock trends but to be very feminine and fierce :)) laughing, mostly i wear flat shoes, sandals, boots, i like brown tones, i like to wear bohemian chlotes, jeans,blazers, blouses, leather jackets etc..i love my style, that's what matter the most :) happy.

4.Choose 3 pieces that you think are a must-have for any girl .
Mmh..let me think..a leather jacket  cuz they are irrplaceable, u can wear them in almost every situation, a pair of flat shoes, they'r the most confy shoes ever and a cute dress, i think dresses make us feminine and that's very important!:) happy

5.Choose 3 of your favourite sets and tell us what inspire you when you 're doing your gorgeous sets on Polyvore.
I choose this 3 sets because now i can explain everything i wrote at point 3.
Live your Love with Romwe

i choose this set cuz i feel it's casual, classy in trend and very feminine.

Splash of color!

Splash of color! by lalixie featuring helmut lang jacket

as i wrote, i like punk/rock style, i love leather and studds, skulls and all other but not in a angry way :))

Earth Celebration!

Earth Celebration! by lalixie featuring a chain necklace

and for the 3rd set i choose this cuz i feel it's the kind of outfit that every lady would wear it, it's feminine, sexy and it have a lot of style..i'm sure that if you or me would wear this, we'd be very appreciated ! :D big grin:> smug

That was it but in the end i want to thank Claudia for the chance to answer her cute questions and i hope her post will be a good one, like the others!
Gool luck with your blog!
Thank you very much , Larisa !  
And have a nice week, people!

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jamie-lee spunea...

Cute feature! Love the sets she chose :)

Ka$h! spunea...

Cute feature!!! loving the second look, i love rock style, studs and leather too haha!

Ka$h! spunea...

Hun i tried following you with GFC but i cant find your button? Where is it? :P <3

Ka$h! spunea...

Hey! Found it now, thanks! :D Followed you now! cant wait for your next post! xoxo

Emanuel I. spunea...

Gorgeous sets...Wish I can do at least half of them....

ms fashion street spunea...

great blog!i 'm following you on bloglovin and gfc!good work,girl!if you want to follow me back...

Living_in_aShoe spunea...

she sure is talented. the last set is my favorite!

coco spunea...

super !

jenny michelle spunea...

love the oufits! so trendy!

xo jenny