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miercuri, 16 ianuarie 2013

Roses are red ...

Hy, dear followers !


Saturday was my birthday and I was so happy, I 've spent some quallity time with my  friends and family. It was great !!! Now, one problem , "THE" problem : exams ! I'm so stressed and , of course, I have no more free time to enjoy my blogging activity :D



H&M sweater , Accessories. Neckless  by Iasmy Biju : , Earings Meli Melo

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Le Petit Plastique spunea...

Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

Silvia Postolatiev spunea...

superbi trandafirii!

Nicoleta_B spunea...

Arati superb si imi plac si trandafirii. Foarte frumoasa postarea!



XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX spunea...

lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!