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sâmbătă, 6 august 2011

Shoes maniac !

Hy there !
I have arrived in Italy 3 days ago. I missed Italy , it's like my second country . I spent every summer here for the past 11 years.
And you know what's the greatest of Italy? sHOpping...
Of course, I have already done some shopping around here, at my favourite stores. And look what I have bought: SHOOOOES ! I am such a maniac when it's about shoes.... Personally, I really love this pair of sandals and I saw these boots and I couldn't resist.

Oh , and here is a photo from the way to Italy , I think these mountains are gorgeous...Alpi.

what do you think about this pink watch? I recieved it when I arrived here.And for my reading pleasure, I bought a book: Kisses from Malibu .
Flora- by Gucci

5 comentarii:

Cristina L. spunea...

prima pereche e adorabila!!!!

Alina F. spunea...

Love the shoes and the last pic is breathtaking!

Yuliya spunea...

Love white heals!!!
Austria so beautiful my dad is austrian i can`t wat to go and see him =) xxx

just claudia spunea...

This is so great , Yulia..... I hope you'll see soon your dad. >3

Alice in vintageland spunea...

I love the white sandals, I'm looking for a "jeweled" type of sandals for ages (I want something with blue stones and crystals, very specific and can't find it anywhere). The photo of the Alps is amazing!:)